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    Your opinion on Laila...

    After talking to a friend who is expecting a baby girl in July, she asked me about names that I like and I mentioned the name Laila. She thought it was nice and would consider adding it to her list but thinks it is more of a child's name rather than an adult and couldn't think of any middle names that go with it.

    What do you think about the name Laila? And what middle names do you think 'go with' Laila?

    Thanks Berries!
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    I much prefer Leila or Layla, but Laila is just as pretty.

    Some middle name suggestions:

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    Assuming you're pronouncing it "Lay-luh" not "Lie-luh" (I saw Lila spelt this way once and it confused the bejeezus out of me), then:

    Laila Margaret
    Laila Mae
    Laila Caroline
    Laila Rosemary
    Laila Ruth
    Laila Primrose
    Laila Josephine
    Laila Emmeline
    Laila Winifred
    Laila Verity
    Laila Jane
    Laila Maud
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    I was just thinking about how Laila / Leila / Layla, etc is probably one of the few names that I really like in all spellings. I'm pretty sure that I saw a Bollywood movie not too long ago where the lead female role was named Laila. Maybe suggest that she watch some to see it as a grown-up name.

    I'd like to second the suggestions of Laila Rosemary, Laila Jane, and Laila Josephine --- they were all ideas that I had before reading all of the posts and I see that they've been suggested already.

    Laila Julienne
    Laila Estelle
    Laila Colette
    Laila Imogen
    Laila Adelaide
    Laila Genevieve
    Laila Kathleen
    Laila Clementine
    Laila Hope
    Laila Millicent
    Laila Penelope
    Laila Skye
    Laila Annabel
    Laila Claire
    Laila Maeve
    Laila Margaret
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    Here you go:

    There was a whole thread about Laila the other day

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