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    Help! Is Freya the one?

    Hello All,
    I am desperately hoping that some lovely namberries can help me...
    I am currently pregnant with baby girl #3, due in July. DD1 is named Phoebe Rose and DD2 is named Imogen Frances (but insists on being called Immy!). Hubby and I have fallen in love with the name Freya, Freya Margaret to be exact, but we are unsure if it really fits in terms of style with the other girls?? What does everyone think? Do Phoebe, Imogen and Freya make a good sib-set? Is the repeating fff sound of Phoebe and Freya too close?
    We don't really have any promising back-ups at this stage other than Eve and Grace, both of which I think are a little too 'safe'...
    Thanks in advance for your help, H.

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