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    Middle name Dix??

    Hello, I am in desperate need of advice and inspiration. My family has passed on the middle name of Dix for generations of females. It is my middle name and I have always hated it and endured copious amounts of teasing because of it, yet, I love the idea of passing down the same name through the generations. Now I am pregnant with a daughter and am very conflicted about the name. I want to use it for sentimentality's sake but I don't want my daughter to be teased because of it. Any suggestions on how to modernize it or somehow incorporate it into the name? We are thinking of Brynn or Norah as first names. Thanks so much!!

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    I would use it, but use it as a second middle. Changing it seems like messing with tradition (and I can't think of a way to incorporate it without really changing it, to something like Dixie, Dex, etc.). If you use it as a second middle, your daughter will always have the ability to answer with something less teasable as her middle name, and no schoolmates will need to know about it, yet she can still have it there to keep with family tradition for when she gets older and people start to respect that a lot instead of just making jokes.

    So I'd pick a middle name you just love, plus Dix - the names you like are short enough to do that easily.
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    Norah Dix is really cute. I love the name Brynn but I'm not crazy about Brynn Dix.

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    I like the suggestion of using it as a second middle name. That would take care of the choppiness of Brynn Dix. ex: Brynn Amelia Dix, Brynn Juliet Dix

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