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    naming boy #4???

    Cross posting from sib sets cuz i need help.

    So I'm expecting boy #4, and feel a bit stuck in the name department.... i have managed to honor quite a few naming themes so far, most intentional, some unintentional.... but now its number 4 and breaking from those themes seems wrong....*

    okay, so first, our last name is O'Brien, and we all have red hair, so we have chosen all Irish first names, and the middle names all honor a loved one who passed away. Their first names all have what we consider to be "powerful" meanings, and unintentionally their first names and middle names each have 2 syllables. Im willing to compromise on the 2 syllable thing if this babys first and middle name combined are 4 syllables. In addition, ive tried to choose names that are not popular, and at the time, none of them were in the top 300 on the us ssa charts, but also not "weird".... i dont want people to look at me like, "huh?" I am also a fan of traditional spelling of names (my name was popular AND spelled "wrong") and dont like names that could easily be mispronounced.*

    One thing making it even harder is that we dont have a middle name for him either.... our last 2 boys had their middle names decided before conception, and first names officially picked after birth. This time, the only recent male death is my grandfather and i do not like his name or middle, Howard Eugene.... my mother pointed out that its our side of the families "turn" to get the middle name, which i thought was funny, and shes brought up quite a few awesome middle name choices.... none of them people i actually knew though..... some 2 syllable middle name choices from my family, Jasper, Rosco, Edward, or my living grandfather Robert. Samuel is a 3 syllable middle name choice and Paul is our 1 syllable middle name choice.... although i think my mom mentioned one other that i liked.... plus Paul honors dhs favorite grandfather so not my side, lol.And my big boys....

    Allan Joseph - Allan means handsome and peaceful, and is also DH and FILs name, although ds has a different middle name, Joseph was mils father
    Rory Peter - Rory means red king and Peter was my stepfather
    Declan Tully - Declan means man of prayer and full of goodness, Tully was FILs last name at birth, he was adopted as a child by his stepfather.

    And my boy names for this guy...*
    Grady - noble
    Bennett - blessed
    Emmett - truth, universal
    Milo - a soldier, or merciful and generous
    Elliott - the lord is my God
    Murphy - sea warrior (love the name, not the meaning)
    Everett - brave as a wild boar
    Finnegan - fair (love the name, not the meaning)

    So basically, i feel like i have some great options, but im so very very stuck. And i only have about 2 more months.... ideally we will narrow it down to 5 names, thats FULL names and then pick the final name after we meet him. Baby naming experts, please help!!!

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