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    naming boy #4???

    Cross posting from sib sets cuz i need help.

    So I'm expecting boy #4, and feel a bit stuck in the name department.... i have managed to honor quite a few naming themes so far, most intentional, some unintentional.... but now its number 4 and breaking from those themes seems wrong....*

    okay, so first, our last name is O'Brien, and we all have red hair, so we have chosen all Irish first names, and the middle names all honor a loved one who passed away. Their first names all have what we consider to be "powerful" meanings, and unintentionally their first names and middle names each have 2 syllables. Im willing to compromise on the 2 syllable thing if this babys first and middle name combined are 4 syllables. In addition, ive tried to choose names that are not popular, and at the time, none of them were in the top 300 on the us ssa charts, but also not "weird".... i dont want people to look at me like, "huh?" I am also a fan of traditional spelling of names (my name was popular AND spelled "wrong") and dont like names that could easily be mispronounced.*

    One thing making it even harder is that we dont have a middle name for him either.... our last 2 boys had their middle names decided before conception, and first names officially picked after birth. This time, the only recent male death is my grandfather and i do not like his name or middle, Howard Eugene.... my mother pointed out that its our side of the families "turn" to get the middle name, which i thought was funny, and shes brought up quite a few awesome middle name choices.... none of them people i actually knew though..... some 2 syllable middle name choices from my family, Jasper, Rosco, Edward, or my living grandfather Robert. Samuel is a 3 syllable middle name choice and Paul is our 1 syllable middle name choice.... although i think my mom mentioned one other that i liked.... plus Paul honors dhs favorite grandfather so not my side, lol.And my big boys....

    Allan Joseph - Allan means handsome and peaceful, and is also DH and FILs name, although ds has a different middle name, Joseph was mils father
    Rory Peter - Rory means red king and Peter was my stepfather
    Declan Tully - Declan means man of prayer and full of goodness, Tully was FILs last name at birth, he was adopted as a child by his stepfather.

    And my boy names for this guy...*
    Grady - noble
    Bennett - blessed
    Emmett - truth, universal
    Milo - a soldier, or merciful and generous
    Elliott - the lord is my God
    Murphy - sea warrior (love the name, not the meaning)
    Everett - brave as a wild boar
    Finnegan - fair (love the name, not the meaning)

    So basically, i feel like i have some great options, but im so very very stuck. And i only have about 2 more months.... ideally we will narrow it down to 5 names, thats FULL names and then pick the final name after we meet him. Baby naming experts, please help!!!

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    From your list I particularly like
    Bennett - love it, and the meaning is great too!
    Emmett - This one is handsome and would go well with your other son's names
    Murphy - I like this one, it has a great sound, the meaning doesn't bother me
    Finnegan - Like this one too

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    From your list, I think Bennett, Everett, and Elliott work best with your kids' names. Grady and Murphy make your boys' names sound too sing-songy, since the endings would alternate -y and -en sounds. Similarly, Finnegan would mean three of your kids' names would end in an -en sound. If you called him Finn, however, it could work, but I think you have better options. Though I love Milo in the context of your family, Milo O'Brien seems problematic— the kid would be doomed to a lifetime of having to over-enunciate his name. On that same token, having Rosco in the middle kills the flow a bit.

    I actually really like Eugene as a middle, and wouldn't rule it out. Howard also has a charm to it when paired with a more dynamic first. Here's my list of 4-syllable combos, loosely in order of preference:

    Elliott Paul O'Brien (I really like this— think it sounds a lot better than a 2/2 combo. I've considered this exact combo myself!)
    Bennett Eugene O'Brien (stately, yet cute)
    Bennett Howard O'Brien (so charming!)
    Bennett Samuel O'Brien (solid, probably the most predictable choice)
    Everett Howard O'Brien (classic, yet fresh)
    Everett Jasper O'Brien (adorable)
    Everett Samuel O'Brien (classic)
    Bennett Jasper O'Brien (on the trendier side)

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    Thank you! Anyone else? Bennett is one of my faves.... maybe i did write off my grandfathers names too quickly.... Bennett Howard is nice.... Jasper was on my original first name list but vetoed by dh cuz it was too trendy.... but i like it as a middle a lot...

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    I love your names, so handsome.
    Grady is my favorite with Bennett in a close second.

    I'm not a huge fan of Emmett, Everett, Milo, Murphy with your boys names.
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