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    Bennett-I have one, so it is my fav from your list

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    Grady - I don't care for it, but it's nice with your boys' names.
    Bennett - I like. This is also nice in the sibset.
    Emmett - An okay name
    Milo - I really like this name. Not so sure if I like it in the sibset.
    Elliott - Meh
    Murphy - Ok
    Everett - I like, but not in the sibset
    Finnegan - I also like. There's also Finlay, which I love and think is just perfect for this sibset.

    Of the middle names I love Jasper and like Edward.
    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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    javad Guest
    To go with Allan, Rory and Declan, I like (from your list):
    Milo the most (though I like Miles more), but also like
    Finnegan (though Rory would then be the only one without an 'an' ending, what about Finley/Finlay, then you'd have two 'an' endings and two 'y' endings)

    I'm not such a fan of Grady, but I like Gratian (another 'an' ending though).
    I don't like Bennett much, and I really don't like Murphy.

    Jasper, Edward and Rosco are my favorite of your middle name options (in that order). Jasper is a personal favorite of mine, I think it'd actually make a really great first name with your sibset.

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    Its funny that 2 of you bring up Finley, its actually one of my favorite names, but theres a little girl at our church, one of the childrens pastors daughters, named Finley.... it seems so girly to me now.... i have always considered it a "boys" name but after meeting this family it doesnt fit anymore i hate name associations!

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    I think Elliot goes best with Allan, Rory and Declan.

    Edward could honour Howard Eugene - the 'ward' from Howard and the 'E' from Eugene.
    My two bundles of love, Dominic Joseph and Tabitha Faye

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