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    Help naming a "thing" or two - Nameberry will decide for us!

    So, my friend Heidi and I both have started spinning, since knitting all the time wasn't quite weird enough apparently, and she finally got her spinning wheel. She suggested we name our wheels, since we are always talking about names. The name thing started because she has a cat named Bonnie and I had a dog named Heidi when I was younger.

    Mine is a Louet S10 from the Netherlands and hers is a Lendrum from Canada. We threw around some obvious ideas (Loretta, Lena) but we talked about it and want to throw it open to the "experts."

    We've decided to take your lists, pick our favorites and leave it up to a vote!

    Yes, it is silly BUT we are guaranteed to have the most amazingly named spinning wheels in the world! We prefer girls names and don't mind if you want to throw in a middle name or hyphen.

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