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    How important is the sib set? Is mine too weird?

    I love the names Artemis and Hermione, but are they too much together? I'm not trying to make a theme of Greek mythology; I don't consider myself more interested in Greek mythology than the average person.

    If, for example, I had three girls, and used Artemis and Hermione (either as a first or middle of now I like Artemis for one kid's fn and Hermione for another kid's mn), would that create an expectation of more mythology names? If the next kid's first/middle name was Scout or Oswin or something else totally unrelated to mythology, would it throw everything off? And what about for boy names? My favorite boy name is Milo, so on the off chance that I one day used Artemis and Hermione as first names, is Milo totally wrong with them?

    And I like Milo and Jess/Jesse, but I also like names like Atticus and Henry and Hamish and Edmund, do those fit together?

    So, out of these names that I like...would they make an acceptable sib set? Would people be horrified?

    Eliza Hermione
    Artemis Rose
    Scout Oswin
    Milo Hamish
    Jesse Atticus

    Any opinions and suggestions are welcome
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    I think those names make a really acceptable sibset. Almost all the names you love has some kind of literary significance, even if it isn't of greek mythology. I think Artemis, Hermione, and Milo make a perfect sibset, actually - Milo does have Greek roots, and my dog Milo is named for the Venus De Milo statue, so it ties in. Even if it didn't though...I don't think that matters.

    Hermione to me is way more Shakespeare than Greek mythology to begin with. So I would say as long as you pick a name that's classic, and has a nice history or literature association, you can get creative with the sibset.

    Something like Hermione, Artemis, and Jane or Hermione, Artemis, and MacKenzie would be weird. I think Eliza, Artemis, and Scout or even Hermione, Artemis, and Scout works fine. And I don't see an issue with any boys names you like.
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    Well, I think Artemis and Hermione are a great sibset, though I admit that if I met a guy named Jesse and he told me his sister's name was Artemis I might be a bit taken aback. Same with if I met an Eliza and she said her sister's name was Scout--I'd probably ask if that was a nickname.
    I really love Artemis and Mio and I think Atticus is a great name too.
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