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    Well, I see it absolutely as a boy's name. I'm also not big on boy's names for girls. There are plenty of beautiful, strong, meaningful girl's names out there; you don't need to dip into the pool of boy's names, especially not obscure ones.

    As far as I'm concerned, this is in line with Kennedy and Reagan. Both are adorable. Both are dead, white, male, American presidents.

    Of course, if you LOVE this name, and there is NOTHING else to name your child, GO FOR IT.
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    As someone who has been considering Lincoln for a boy, I was very annoyed with Kristen Bell's choice. Not only does it make it a "celebrity" name, which is annoying enough, but it's on a girl......groan. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think that I would HATE Lincoln on a girl, in the same way that I've met girls named Carter and Clarke and thought it was cute. I just feel like it narrows the choices for boys, weather that is "sexist" or not, I don't know. I want any sons I have to have masculine names and any girls I have to have feminine names, not overly so, but enough so that someone isn't going to hear it and go.....hummmm, girl or boy? But, that's more my issue, than something I think everyone in the world needs to consider, you know. Overall, I typically suggest using the name that you love the most, even though in this case it pains me to say so. Good Luck!!!

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    I don't mind it on a boy, especially because I'm fond of the nn Link, but I definitely wouldn't use it on a girl.
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