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    You know, perhaps I'm the open-minded person you're looking for, I Cannot Stand when people go crazy over "that's a boy's name, that's a girl's name". Names go back and forth ALL the time. If you don't like stealing boys' names for girls then nobody should name their daughters Ashley or Kelly or Courtney, etc. So forget all that nonsense and if you love it, go for it. The truth is, even if people don't like the name, as they get to know your DD they'll get over it. Nobody in my family liked our name for our DS (Riloh) and I always get the question "Is that a family name?" when I tell new people his name, but you know what, it does not affect how people treat him whatsoever and now my family admits it fits him well. I really don't think people will treat your DD differently because of her name, and if they do then they are ignorant small minded people who really aren't worth the effort!

    It also drives me nuts when people get in an uproar over what other people name their child, what does it matter what Kristen Bell named her daughter, sheesh people, get a life!
    How is sharing an opinion on an online forum getting in a uproar? If you ask me it's the exact same as your reply to this topic.
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