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    What do you think of Lincoln?

    I specifically chose Nameberry as the site to ask this question because it seems like the audience is a bit more modern-minded, and I value your opinion.

    I have come to love the name Lincoln for my daughter. It sounds cute and feminine to me, and I can picture a little girl with pigtails. It also feels more fresh than some of the other names I have on my short list. I got really excited about it (hubs loves it too), and I started to seriously consider it. HOWEVER, I did some online research and found a few forums of people's opinions of a girl named Lincoln (including the reaction to Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's daughter) and was really surprised by HOW NEGATIVE the general response was to the name. People seemed downright angry about it. I obviously don't want to ignore something that large and name my wonderful daughter something that everyone seems to hate...but I also can't shake the feeling that maybe I'm reading the opinions of a small group of people who may be more conservative about names. So I have come to Nameberry to ask your honest opinion. What do you think of the name Lincoln for a girl?

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