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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Boys' names for girls, specifically the names of dead white guys, are beyond mainstream.
    But, Augs, you've got Marlowe on your girl list... D.W.G. (Hey, I thought we were together in the Marlowe-is-for-Boys camp? Am I all alone there now...?)

    I am going to say that I think Lincoln is horrible for girls and boys. It's not a nice sounding name. It's a cute-ish town in England, and I get that mr Abraham Lincoln is a big deal (and I get that people would want to name their sons Lincoln after seeing the movie with dashing DDL), but it's not a nice name. However, that is my personal opinion.

    Lincoln does not strike me as very feminine nor very masculine. It's absolutely perfectly in the middle. You can call a girl Lincoln Linn or Linnie. But I hope I never meet a little Lincoln; boy or girl.
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    I'll go against the grain and say I don't really mind Lincoln on a girl. Would I use it? No, but I wouldn't be flabbergasted if someone else did. Having lived in the south surnames, unisex names, and even just flat out male names on girls don't phase me that much, and it fits in fairly well with that trend.

    The reason I wouldn't consider Lincoln for a girl at this point is it would be immediately associated with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd and because there will probably be a flood of Lincolns in the next couple years thanks to its presence in the media. Plus having known a gorgeous soccer player that went by Linc, the nn is all boy to me.

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    I can see the appeal in Lincoln on a girl, it's got a lovely ring to it with the N sounds, brings to mind ringing bells personally. It's start with "Lynn", and it's a very sleek, and urbane looking name. It'd fit right in with the Londons, and Spencers of the time.

    However, all I picture is masculinity when I actually hear it.
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    And considering the fact that this past year seems to be the Year of Abraham Lincoln with, what was it...two movies starring his character? being released, and the Dax-Shepard's just far too pop-culturey.

    I don't like the name Lincoln on a girl, for more than one reason, and to sum it all up: A girl name Lincoln is cute in theory but in reality, the vibe of "pop culture trendy wannabe" comes to mind.

    Lincoln on a boy is dashing, on a girl it falls flat.
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    Lincoln is a great name for a BOY, not a girl. I don't consider this to be a unisex name at all. Sorry, I don't like it either.

    What about Linden or Linny?

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    You know, perhaps I'm the open-minded person you're looking for, I Cannot Stand when people go crazy over "that's a boy's name, that's a girl's name". Names go back and forth ALL the time. If you don't like stealing boys' names for girls then nobody should name their daughters Ashley or Kelly or Courtney, etc. So forget all that nonsense and if you love it, go for it. The truth is, even if people don't like the name, as they get to know your DD they'll get over it. Nobody in my family liked our name for our DS (Riloh) and I always get the question "Is that a family name?" when I tell new people his name, but you know what, it does not affect how people treat him whatsoever and now my family admits it fits him well. I really don't think people will treat your DD differently because of her name, and if they do then they are ignorant small minded people who really aren't worth the effort!

    It also drives me nuts when people get in an uproar over what other people name their child, what does it matter what Kristen Bell named her daughter, sheesh people, get a life!

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