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    Jesse (it's a mix of biblical AND cowboy!!)

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    Deacon and Rex are good name.

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    I like Eli and Owen the best from your list. Here's a few other ideas (I don't necessarily like all the names I'm suggesting, just getting the naming thoughts flowing)

    Names we both like:
    Jedidiah: Jeremiah, Obadiah, Josiah, Uzziah, Zevadiah
    Deacon: Beacon, Macon, Mason

    Names I like:
    Rex: Rhett, Max, Rick
    Eli: Elias, Elijah, Elliot, Elian
    Zeke: Ezekiel, Zane, Zander, Zack

    Names hubby likes:
    Wyatt: Everett, Emmett,
    Owen: Arlo, Ewan, Euan, Bowen, Boden, Bolan, Nolan, Roland
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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