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    Sorry I haven't been on, busy getting ready for this baby! Thanks for all the replies, and reassurance that me and my husbands tastes aren't too different. It just feels that way because we dislike each others favorites.

    @boyandgirl I really like Cecily, Juliet, Kathleen (for a middle name), Bennett and Cormac is interesting.

    @mclola We have been thinking about using Marshall as a middle name is the baby is a boy. I also like Reid, Dexter, Solomon, Conrad, Daphne, Hazel, Ruby and love Linnea.

    @shadowfall7 I prefer Celestine or Celestia but unfortunately my husband only likes Celeste, which I am not a fan of.

    @davisellu Thank you, I love a lot of your alternatives especially Declan, Beckett, Gabriel, Theodore, Davis, Lenora, Ramona, Tabitha, Cecilia, Cordelia, Coraline, Seraphina (Love!), Estella, Peregrine, Lachlan, Violet, and Beatrix.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

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