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    Thoughts on Thea, Ramona and Verona? Feedback for each first name ?

    Verona Celeste
    Verona Iris

    Ramona Celeste
    Ramona Isadora Jane
    Ramona Iris
    Also if we used Ramona nick name would be Romy
    Thea Isadora Jane
    Thea kathrine
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    I like Ramona Celeste the best. I'm not a huge fan of Verona, but I do like Thea. I've always loved the name Ramona, though.
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    Ramona and Verona sound kind of close with the three syllables, o, a, and r sounds.
    However, I prefer Ramona. Verona just reminds me of the place and a maroon-ish color. It's still an okay name though. Ramona also has more nicknames.
    I also like Thea. I actually have a classmate called Theo, so that's the first thing I think of. But besides that, Thea itself sounds like a strong name.

    Of the three, I think I like Thea the best.
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    I like Ramona Iris

    Best of luck!

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    I like Ramona nn Romy best, then Thea (pronounced Thee-ah?), then Verona. I want to like Verona but I'm not sure if I do. It looks pretty but I'm not sure I like the sound.

    My favorites are Ramona Celeste, Ramona Isadora Jane, and Thea Isadora Jane.
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