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    Liliana nn Lily or Emily nn Emmy or Lillian nn Lily

    Hi, I would really appreciate your feedback. Sibling names are Charlotte (we call her Charlie) and Sophie. Last name is Smith. What name do you like best as a first and I am also looking for middle name suggestions.
    Thank you!!

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    Lillian is lovely, less popular than Emily and less frilly than Liliana, and it goes great with her sisters.

    Lillian Emily Smith has a nice ring to it, I think.

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    Emily nn Emmy!

    I know Emily is very popular, but I find it to be timeless and elegant. Liliana / Lillian / Lily are a bit too trendy for me. Emily Smith is quite a common name, if that is not a concern to you then go for it! I'd suggest a more unique middle name to balance it out.

    Also, Emily is perfect with Charlotte and Sophie.

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    Liliana is a name that I love, it's high up on my own list but lately I've been having second thoughts to whether I actually do like it better than Lillian. I've decided that although Liliana is more uncommon and quite "frilly" as some people say, I do like it more. Liliana Rae is my standard combo but I am also looking to change, I also like: Liliana Eve, Liliana Skye, Liliana Brooke, Liliana Emma, Liliana Wren, Liliana Kay
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    I love Emily. So classic and refined, timeless!! It goes perfectly with your daughters names. My second choice would be Lillian.
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