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Thread: Winslow?

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    I think of Winslow as fitting in with the surname trend but that is because it is the surname of a local historical figure who has a school named after him.

    It is a nice variation from the name Winston which I associate with Churchill. I like the O ending sound which parallels names like Leo. But it is more similar to names like Harlow and Marlowe so I wonder if it might eventually be used for girls.

    The impression I get from Winslow is of someone creative - an artist or musician or inventor.
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    Winslow is very handsome and classic sounding imo. I do not find it trendy at all. It would fit well in with your other names that you like.

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    I absolutely love the name Winslow.

    I picture a sensitive man in his early thirties. He has a positive outlook on life and is generally a good guy. He's well-read without feeling or acting superior. The kind of guy who plays fetch with his dog in the park and volunteers when he has the time.

    It doesn't seem trendy to me at all--more of a literary classic feel.

    I think it fits with your other names perfectly.

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    Sorry to be a wet blanket here but I do not care for Winslow at all. This name lacks confidence in a big way. All I hear and see is winSLOW.
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    I really like the other names on your list.
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