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    All your names are lovely, but I particularly like Serena, Fiona, and Violet!

    My favorites:

    Zoe - My favorite girls' name EVER. I'm devastated that DH has vetoed it. I love that it means "life" and Z is is my second favorite letter in the alphabet. I also think it's spunky and elegant at the same time.

    Catherine - This is our top pick for a daughter, which I love almost as much as Zoe. I kind of inherited my love of the name from my mother, who wanted to use it for my younger sister, but unfortunately, Dad vetoed it. I think she would love having a granddaughter named Catherine, though, and we would use the nickname Cate, which was my paternal grandmother's maiden name. (Although I also love a lot of the other Catherine nicknames, too!)

    Veronica - I mentioned Z was my second favorite letter -- well, V is my favorite! I love almost all the V names, but Veronica has always been at the top of the list. In fact, I chose it as my confirmation name, since I really like the story of St. Veronica. I also just adore the elegant sound of the name, especially the "nic" part, which also appears in my favorite boys' name, Nicholas (which DH vetoed as well -- boo!).

    Penelope - I have a thing for Greek names ending with "e", and this is probably one of the most fun to say. It just sounds so happy and cheerful, doesn't it? Especially with the poppy "P" sounds. I also admire the mythological Penelope for her faithfulness and cleverness.

    Elizabeth - Our choice for a second daughter. How can anybody not love Elizabeth? She's classic and beautiful and has a ton of wonderful nicknames. I like the idea of calling her Beth, because my nickname Meg came from Little Women, so it would be neat if she had a LW-inspired nickname as well.

    Daphne - Again, another Greek name that ends with "e" -- I told you I adored them! The story of Daphne was one of my favorite Greek myths -- I even wrote a play about her for a school project -- and I like that it means "laurel", giving it a subtle connection to Laura, my sister's name. The "ph" is really cool, too.

    Anastasia - Gorgeous, just gorgeous! It was my great-grandmother's name, but for some crazy reason, she hated it and preferred to be called Nancy. (Outrageous, right?) I love the meaning of "resurrection".

    Seraphina - Seriously one of the most beautiful names ever. It sounds so soft and angelic. (Again, loving the "ph".)

    Ophelia - Yeah, she went a little crazy in Hamlet -- so what? It's still a stunning name, a less popular alternative to the equally beautiful Olivia. (And, yet again, "ph".)

    Felicity - It means "happiness"! What better meaning is there? I love how it just rolls off the tongue. I become happier just saying the name aloud!
    Are you my baby naming twin??? Seriously we share so many favorites. Yay!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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