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    If I had more daughters one would be Rowan Seraphina and one would be Soairse Ruby

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    OP, Fiona and Ivy are lovely names. I especially like Ivy. Serena is also very nice, as well as Susanna and Violet (Violet was on my list for a while, but DH hates it!). My least favorite is Maya. But anyway, great list.

    My favorites right now are:

    Luna- It's my daughter's name, so of course I love it!
    Estelle- My daughter's MN Feels classy
    Rosalind-my newest fave. It's my IT name right now, lol
    Cecilia- this was DH's great grandmother's name, and before I knew that, I loved it. I like it more now that it can honor the family
    Emmeline-I've liked this one for a while. Feels the most unique to me.
    Laila- I actually didn't like this name at all for a while. But after I read A Thousand Splendid Suns, the name grew on me.
    Eliza- I just like it.

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    From your list I really like Ivy. Friends of mine are having a baby girl in July, and they are calling he Maiya, I don't like the extra I but that's their choice.

    My favourite girl name is Aurora Belle, but my SO isn't keen he says he can imagine a grown up daughter with that name.

    Other girls I love are :
    Orla (SOs favourite)
    for every dark night, there is a brighter day

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    From your list, I love Violet and Maya. Where I'm from, Maya is never mispronounced.
    My two favorites are:
    Emily nn Emmy

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    Great names! Out of your names I really like Violet, Susanna, and Fiona. They are all beautiful, vintage names that aren't overly common.

    My Favorites:
    Evangeline nn Evie
    Miriam nn Miri
    Elsa nn Elsie

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