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    well, I love your names! Susanna, Fiona, Violet, Ivy and Serena are beautiful! I'm not the biggest fan of Maya though. my favourites are:

    Antonia - I love feminizations and this one is great! It's strong, but feminine; uncommon, but recognizable for spelling and pronunciation. I would use the nn Annie!
    Matilda - Another strong name with a feminine twist! It also has literary connections to Roald Dahl's book and the titular character. I would use the nn Tillie.
    Beatrix - classic and gorgeous, but with that strong and unexpected X ending. Also the protaganist of the Trixie Belden series. I wouldn also use the nn Trixie!
    Eleanor - a lovely name with a lovely meaning, it's also the name of my paternal grandmother and a lovely way to honour her! I would use the nn Nell.
    Margaret - another nice name, my only worry here is that it is my middle name and might be seen as a bit gratuitous. I would use the nn Maggie
    Susannah - lovely sound, remeniscient of Southern Belles! I would use the nn Susie
    Rosemary - I am in love with the nn Romy and Rosemary is the most beautiful way to get there! (Romilly is not a very nice name, in my honest opinion). The only problem being that Mary is my name, and if Margaret is gratuitous, then what is this!
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    Fiona- I've never been keen on this name if I'm honest.

    Ivy- Ivy is such a gorgeous name.

    Violet- I absolutely adore this name, OH is never keen when we mention the future.

    Susanna- I prefer Susannah but I'm not keen on it either, sorry!

    Maya- I agree that it will be mispronounced, Mya could be an alternative spelling?

    Serena- I don't like this one either.

    My favorites:

    Lottie - I've loved this name for a while but lately I seem to be going off it but I'm not sure why. I like it as it's a little old fashioned but still a little edgy as it's usually a nickname.
    Imogen - Old fashioned and absolutely gorgeous, OH often mentions how much he likes this name and I adore it too.
    Annabelle - This name has grown on me lately and it's now one of my favourites I like it as a middle name and first name.
    Laila - I just like the way it sounds and the spelling looks a lot nicer than Layla in my opinion.
    Isabelle - Despite it's popularity I adore this name although I'd rather use it as a middle name.

    Whenever OH has spoke about having children in the future he mentions the middle name Rose to honour his grandma which would go with any of the names and I adore Wren as a middle name.
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    Fiona - I like Fiona, but I don't love it. I don't like the Shrek association very much and it actually kind of ruined the name for me.

    Ivy Annabel is lovely! I really like Ivy. I love nature names and seasonal names and this one is an underused gem! I am not normally a fan of any "Anne/Anna" type names because of a bad association, and Annabel isn't my cup of tea at all to begin with. But Ivy Annebel flows nicely and is a great combo. I prefer the Annabel spelling.

    Violet - I love Violet. I love underused flower names, and V names seem particularly appealing to me lately.

    Susanna - I am not ready for the Sue names to make a comeback. Although Susanna is definitely the loveliest of them all.

    Maya - All the Mayas I know don't have issues with the pronunciation. Maya is one my favorites, but it has increased in popularity quite a bit where I live (#16 in popularity in Ontario), and I don't love it enough to still consider using it. I think it is a great name though and I much much prefer it over the similarly popular Mia.

    Serena - I much prefer Serenity, but Serena is also lovely. I love the meaning and find this name underused. I also love Celina/Selena which is somewhat similar in feel and sound. (I am biased, my "Angel baby" is named Serenity, and my middle name is Celina )
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    Here are my favourites:

    Cassia ~ I've always loved the nickname Cassie because of how soft and sweet it sounds, but was a bit put off with 'Cassandra' after I researched her Greek mythological story. I still love both Cassia and Cassandra, but I sometimes wonder whether Cassia is a bit too short compared to the well-rounded Cassandra?

    Phoebe ~ This name has been a favourite of mine FOREVER. Again, I love the soft sound the 'ph' creates, and I love the name's connection to Greek mythology and the moon.

    Alexa ~ When Alexa Chung (model and television presenter) first came on the scene, I was smitten with the name Alexa. In fact, it made me become so interested in names that I'm now a complete name nerd! Alexa's what started this all off! I love that it's Greek and has the 'x' in it - however I'm not too keen on the nickname Lexie as it's getting so popular now. I also think that loving this name for so long as made Alexa seem a tad boring compared to my new name discoveries.

    Luna ~ I think this is my all-time favourite name, and I can actually 100% see myself naming a future child of mine Luna. The moon connection is perfect, and I just think it sounds so pretty and a tad different. Not liking the rise in popularity, and I'm also not liking the connection to Harry Potter - I didn't know there was a Luna in the books/films until I saw on Nameberry as I don't watch or like anything Harry Potter related, so I wouldn't want people to think I named my child Luna because of Harry Potter!

    Imogen ~ I just think this is such a cool name - it looks cool, it sounds cool, and I can picture a really 'cool' woman named Imogen! Also I obviously love that it's a Greek name! Immy is such a sweet nickname as well.

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    My daughter is Maya and no one mispronounced it.. Well one nurse at a clinic did till I bit her head off.. I hate the Mya spelling it's just awful..

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