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    well, I love your names! Susanna, Fiona, Violet, Ivy and Serena are beautiful! I'm not the biggest fan of Maya though. my favourites are:

    Antonia - I love feminizations and this one is great! It's strong, but feminine; uncommon, but recognizable for spelling and pronunciation. I would use the nn Annie!
    Matilda - Another strong name with a feminine twist! It also has literary connections to Roald Dahl's book and the titular character. I would use the nn Tillie.
    Beatrix - classic and gorgeous, but with that strong and unexpected X ending. Also the protaganist of the Trixie Belden series. I wouldn also use the nn Trixie!
    Eleanor - a lovely name with a lovely meaning, it's also the name of my paternal grandmother and a lovely way to honour her! I would use the nn Nell.
    Margaret - another nice name, my only worry here is that it is my middle name and might be seen as a bit gratuitous. I would use the nn Maggie
    Susannah - lovely sound, remeniscient of Southern Belles! I would use the nn Susie
    Rosemary - I am in love with the nn Romy and Rosemary is the most beautiful way to get there! (Romilly is not a very nice name, in my honest opinion). The only problem being that Mary is my name, and if Margaret is gratuitous, then what is this!
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