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    Just to echo everyone else, Violet is a nice name, but it is becoming popular, so it's not as uncommon as you think! I also like Serena and Magnolia.

    My Favorites:

    Luna - I love the connection to my name, Diana, and the thought of a "Little Luna" is just adorable. I also like names where I can provide a Chinese nickname, which would be Xiao Yue (Little Moon)

    Flora - I like short and sweet names, obviously, and this one is just so classic and sweet. Also another easy Chinese nickname: Xiao Hua (little flower)

    Euphemia - This one is just super sweet sounding, it really doesn't fit in with my other favorites, but I still adore it. I love the nickname Euphie.

    Caroline - Another one that doesn't fit in, but it grew on me after watching 2 Broke Girls. I just love the sound.

    Artemis - Another name I like due to the connection to my name. She's also my favorite goddess. I think Missy could be a cute nickname

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