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    Interested in YOUR favorite girls names!

    I am completely name obsessed so where better to express it then to my fellow name berries Thought it would be fun if everyone could share their favorite girl names and personal stories and don't forget to tell me what you think of my choices.

    Here are my favorites..

    Fiona-I love how raw and vintage it is. The whole Shrek association doesn't bother me. It was a name way before Shrek. Plus Princess Fiona was a pretty badass role model IMO! I love that it's just the right amount of princess and spunk It's also pleasant to say and I adore the nickname Fi/Fifi. The only remote problem I have with using this name is, our last name starts with an F. The alliteration doesn't bother me; in fact I think it flows very well. It just proposes more of a challenge choosing a middle name. Opinions?

    Ivy-I love the name Ivy. It reminds me of Christmas time It's a fantastic name that's down to earth and not outlandishly popular. What do you think of Anabel after my mom as a middle name? Do you think it looks better spelled Annabelle?

    Violet-I adore this name. It's so sweet, feminine and uncommon. I love the nickname Vi.

    Susanna-It's perfect because it's feminine and traditional, yet not a name you hear everyday. Has great nickname potential with "Sanna" being my favorite.

    Maya-Pronounced My-Uh. I love the exotic flair to this name. Also it's not very common which I obviously like. The only problem I have with using it is the constant mispronunciation of May-Uh instead of MY-Uh. I don't want my daughter to constantly have to correct people when saying her name.

    Serena-This name makes me think of a beautiful, white sandy beach It's a nice alternative to Sabrina. Uncommon and rolls off the tongue nicely.

    What do you all think of my list? Let's hear your favorites now!

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