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    Interested in YOUR favorite girls names!

    I am completely name obsessed so where better to express it then to my fellow name berries Thought it would be fun if everyone could share their favorite girl names and personal stories and don't forget to tell me what you think of my choices.

    Here are my favorites..

    Fiona-I love how raw and vintage it is. The whole Shrek association doesn't bother me. It was a name way before Shrek. Plus Princess Fiona was a pretty badass role model IMO! I love that it's just the right amount of princess and spunk It's also pleasant to say and I adore the nickname Fi/Fifi. The only remote problem I have with using this name is, our last name starts with an F. The alliteration doesn't bother me; in fact I think it flows very well. It just proposes more of a challenge choosing a middle name. Opinions?

    Ivy-I love the name Ivy. It reminds me of Christmas time It's a fantastic name that's down to earth and not outlandishly popular. What do you think of Anabel after my mom as a middle name? Do you think it looks better spelled Annabelle?

    Violet-I adore this name. It's so sweet, feminine and uncommon. I love the nickname Vi.

    Susanna-It's perfect because it's feminine and traditional, yet not a name you hear everyday. Has great nickname potential with "Sanna" being my favorite.

    Maya-Pronounced My-Uh. I love the exotic flair to this name. Also it's not very common which I obviously like. The only problem I have with using it is the constant mispronunciation of May-Uh instead of MY-Uh. I don't want my daughter to constantly have to correct people when saying her name.

    Serena-This name makes me think of a beautiful, white sandy beach It's a nice alternative to Sabrina. Uncommon and rolls off the tongue nicely.

    What do you all think of my list? Let's hear your favorites now!

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    My opinions on your favorites:

    Fiona- I love this too! I think it'd be fine with your last name. How do you feel about Fiona Ivy? Fiona Annabel?

    Ivy- This is on our list, too. I find it feminine but not overly so. It's spunky and uncommon, which you seem to like. Ivy Annabel sounds great. Annabelle looks too long next to Ivy.

    Violet- I love this name, but it isn't as unpopular as you think... It's in the two-hundreds, I believe. But I do think it is uncommon in the sense that there aren't a lot of V- names and names ending in -et

    Susanna- I prefer Susannah, it just looks more complete. Susannah is one of my all-time-favorites! I love the meaning, and the religious significance. My favorite nickname for it is Sosie, but I much prefer Susanna/h on its own.

    Maya- I think this will always get mispronounced. I say it MAY-uh. It's actually pretty popular, it's in the top 100.

    Serena- I've always found this quite boring.

    My favorites:

    Susannah- Since Lily is so popular, I love Susannah. Since the meaning is "lily," I get two names in one!

    Annika- I've always loved the name Ann, but DH finds it boring and dull. This way, I get Ann but still have spunk. Annika sounds so worldly and universal. LOVE IT!

    Georgia/Georgina- I've been having a hard time deciding between these two. Georgina sounds so lush and feminine, whereas Georgia sounds more raw and down to earth. More wearable I suppose?

    Magnolia- This has special significance to me and DH. We met at Magnolia's bakery in NYC. It also has a Southern vibe to it, which I love.

    Middle name will be Cora or some variant.

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    I really like the names on your list, but watch out - Violet and Maya are much more popular than you think!

    My favourites:

    Pearl - I'm really loving one syllable names lately, and even though it sounds grandma-ish to some, I love the retro vibe!

    Susannah - Unlike most, I prefer Susannah without any nicknames, though I know that's nearly impossible. I know a Suzie that doesn't bring the best connotations to mind, but I think Susannah is beautiful.

    Violet - It's just always been a favourite of mine. I like that it's feminine while still being a solid name.

    Luna - I think it's so pretty and light, plus I'm a big Harry Potter fan

    Other ones I love are Verity, Maude, Lena, Annabel, and Isla!

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    Ash-From your list I really like Liliana. It's a nice alternative to the ever popular Lily. I do have a soft spot for names ending in Ana/Anna. My favorite being Julianna. I pronounce Anna with a long A sound. I don't personally like how the short A sounds. I think it takes away from the beauty of the name. I've always loved the nickname Jewels too. At one point had this name high up on my list. It fell off the list pretty quick since hubby is highly allergic to J names lol. I also like Tess but I prefer Tessa. It sounds more complete and prettier in my opinion. How do you feel about Theresa with Tess/Tessa as a nickname? That way she can choose what she prefers to be called as she gets older.

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    Sorry, keyboard froze on me. So lastly, sweet Violet - lovely lovely name. It's getting popular if that bothers you. But it's a darling name
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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