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    Just to echo everyone else, Violet is a nice name, but it is becoming popular, so it's not as uncommon as you think! I also like Serena and Magnolia.

    My Favorites:

    Luna - I love the connection to my name, Diana, and the thought of a "Little Luna" is just adorable. I also like names where I can provide a Chinese nickname, which would be Xiao Yue (Little Moon)

    Flora - I like short and sweet names, obviously, and this one is just so classic and sweet. Also another easy Chinese nickname: Xiao Hua (little flower)

    Euphemia - This one is just super sweet sounding, it really doesn't fit in with my other favorites, but I still adore it. I love the nickname Euphie.

    Caroline - Another one that doesn't fit in, but it grew on me after watching 2 Broke Girls. I just love the sound.

    Artemis - Another name I like due to the connection to my name. She's also my favorite goddess. I think Missy could be a cute nickname

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    I really like your favorites, Serena in particular.

    My favorites:

    Zoe- I've loved this name a very long time. It took just as long a time to convince the fiance but he came around. I love the meaning, I love the sound.. The image I have in my head is a little girl running down a hill, laughing, with wild curly hair streaming behind her. It's crazy, I know, but that's what I see when I say the name.

    Noemí- It's my fiance's favorite, but I've grown to love it too. It reminds me of a favorite blanket or sweatshirt.. comfortable, warm and peaceful. It makes me happy. Lately I've been contemplating using Zoe and Noemí together... Zoe Noemí

    Elinor- I love the way it sounds, I love the history, and I love how elegant it looks.

    Cassandra- it's sassy and spunky

    Alina- every Alina I've known has been a beautiful person inside and out so I feel like I could give that to a future daughter.

    Anastasia- the meaning is my favorite.

    I have a few outliers- Cecilia, Lucía, Ophelia, Elizabeth and Catherine.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Fiona- Beautiful name! I also adore the nn Fi/Fifi. Also, the alliteration with the last name is not a problem, so long as you don't use another name that starts with "F" in the middle.
    Ivy- Timeless. Ivy Annabelle sounds lovely.
    Violet- Love it. Vi is also a cute nn.
    Susanna- Feminine and pretty. I prefer Susannah though.
    Maya- Although I also pronounce this name as my-uh, I can see how others would pronounce the name as may-uh.
    Serena- I agree completely! I still love Sabrina as well though.

    Wonderful list! Here's my list:
    Amelia: I love the name Emily, but Amelia is a wonderful alternative.
    BeatriceTrixie”: I adore the nn and the meaning: 'Blessed, brings happiness'
    Diana: Meaning: 'Divine'
    Naomi: Meaning: 'My joy, delight'
    Nora: Family name.
    Phoebe “Feebs”: Meaning: 'Radiant, shining one'. The problem is that I also love the name Holden for a boy, and I don't want to copy the characters' names from Catcher in the Rye!
    Vera: Meaning: 'Faith; truth'.

    Timeless/Popular names (that I would most likely use for middles): Anna, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Jane, Victoria

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    I just had a Phoebe Amaryllis but if I had heard Delphine before she was born, that's what her name would be now

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    Love your top girl names, especially Fiona and Ivy.

    My favorite girl names would have to be (in no particular order)

    Clara: I love this name, and it's association with the Nutcracker. I did ballet as a little girl and loved it. Clara sounds charming and beautiful to me and would age well on a little girl imo.

    Daphne: This name is pretty awesome to me as well, it's very pretty and not very common (especially where I am from). I think it is feminine and pretty.

    Eleanor: Love this name, I feel it's elegant and classic. Plus has great nn potential.

    Ivy: To me this is classic, simple, and stunning. Easy to spell, easy to say and brings in my mind a very pretty and sweet lady.

    Violet: I know one of the sweetest ladies with this name, so to me it is beautiful and reminds me of a woman who has a wonderful heart!

    Moira: This is one of my favorite names, unfortunately for me it'll never get used as a baby name b/c DH thinks it's weird and "made up", which it isn't, but whatever. I think it's stunning and underused and it was Wendy from Peter Pan's middle name, loved Peter Pan growing up.

    Merida: This name is a newer favorite of mine, it's spunky, sassy, and pretty all at once!

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