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    name like Katharine nn Kat...

    My 2nd daughter is Katharine and we call her by both her full name and Kat. It's really worked well and I'd like to find another girls name with a similar feel. Katharine is of course classic and Kat is a bit fun and unexpected. Also Kat and Katharine interchange really easily and I like that. (Her siblings all have 1-syllable names - in my siggy- so I'd like the next baby's name to match Katharine's name more than the others.)

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    Harriet - Hattie
    Alice - Lissy
    Elizabeth - Lissy, Elle
    Charlotte - Lottie
    Scarlett- Lettie, Carlie
    Adeline - Ada
    Aurora - Rory
    Christabel - Belle
    Ebony - Eb
    Emmeline - Emmy
    Imogen - Gen, Immy,
    Loretta - Lori, Retta, Etta
    Isadora - Isa, Dori, Adore
    Estelle/Estella - Star, Stella, Stellie

    Hope these help! I don't know if any of them are what you are looking for!
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    I am a Catherine (frequently called Cat at work), and I have a sister named Emily (frequently called Em or Emmy), if that helps.

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