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    Elsie is adorable. But I am not a fan of nicknamish names as stand-alone names. Elsie makes a darling nickname for Elisabeth or Eloisa.
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    I really like Elsie as a nn, but as a given name, not as much. Also, it might not age well. Imagine a 50 yr old lawyer named Elsie. Maybe you could do it as the middle with one for your middles as the first? Rose or Josephine would work well, and you could still call her Elsie. Out of your other list I love Clara.

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    I'm due with a little girl in October that my husband and I are naming Ellsie Joe. We're also using the Scottish meanings for both names, Ellsie meaning 'Noble', and Joe meaning 'Sweetheart.' I love Ellsie, and know I would be so angry with myself if I named her something else that I just settled for because it sounded nicknamey. Go with what you love.

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    I confess I am also in love with the name Elsie! It's so sweet and simple, but it has that vintage nickname style that's really popular.

    here are some middle name ideas, not all one style. I starred the ones I like best.

    1 sylable
    Elsie May
    Elsie Jean*
    Elsie Neeve
    Elsie Rose
    Elsie Sage
    Elsie Ann

    2 sylable
    Elsie Mabel*
    Elsie Charlotte*
    Elsie Thea
    Elsie Willow
    Elsie Mona

    3 sylable
    Elsie Josephine
    Elsie Winifred *
    Elsie Eponine
    Elsie Atalune*
    Elsie Rosalind
    Elsie Gabrielle
    Elsie Rhiannon
    Elsie Rosamund
    Elsie Madaline
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    My favorite full name for nickname Elsie is Elsa. I think it's lovely and fits right in with your other favorites (Clara, Juliette, etc). Elsa Juliette is a pretty combo.

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