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    Loie? Loewy? Some spelling advice, please!

    I'm planning to name our daughter (due to arrive in about a month) after my late maternal grandmother, Lois. However, I don't feel that Lois suits modern little girls very well, so I'm looking to update it to the lovely "Loie" (pronounced "Low-ee"). I love the association with Loie Fuller as well as the subtle nod to Raymond Loewy (since I'm an industrial designer). We're planning to pair it with either Grace (family name) or Greer.

    Here's the issue: we can't settle on a spelling I originally was in favor of either Loie or Loïe, but my husband (who loves the sound of the name) is certain that no one will pronounce it correctly and prefers either Loewy (masculine spelling) or Loey. Thoughts??

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    Loey looks like Zoey with an "L"
    Loewy would probably be misspelled and mispronouned as well so...
    I would just stick with Loie (I don't think accents are allowed on US government forms)
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    Loie looks the best to me.

    I suppose Loey would be the easiest for people to pronounce if they saw it, but it's not nearly as appealing. I bet Loewy would get its fair share of corrections and seems like too many letters. Loie looks so clean and lovely and definitely gets my vote.
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    I like Loie the best. Loey would work but it looks silly. Loewy is an odd spelling. Loie Grace or Loie Greer are lovely.
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    I would use Loie with the ie b/c it reminds me of Chloie when people stick an I in it, and it rhymes.

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