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    I like Adelaide best!

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    I think Adelaide is adorable. However, living in Australia and Adelaide being a large city in South Australia (and in fact, the city where I was born) would be too much like naming my child Ohio . So I would have to go for Amelia. It's very popular where I live but I think its a lovely, pretty name for a girl. Ainsley is just not my cup of tea, sorry.

    Best of luck in your last week of pregnancy!
    Mummy to the gorgeous Alice Heather and the delicious Harry George

    Bubba #3 due March 2014! Finalising short list of favourite names!

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    I love Adelaide Scarlett and Amelia Scarlett. Such pretty names! I guess it depends on whether or not popularity matters to you. If it does, go with Adelaide, as it is less used than Amelia. If not, either name would be lovely choice.

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    Adelaide Scarlett is stunning! Good luck!

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    I love all three of your names for various reasons. In the end, I'd go with Ainsley for its lesser popularity and I don't particularly like the automatic nicknames for the others. However, I really like Lady as a nickname for Adelaide.

    My only suggestion for you is Annelise, but it doesn't flow as well with Scarlett.

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