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    Down to the last week! Opinions pls :)

    Ok, so I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and having last minute doubts, pls help!
    It's between Adelaide Scarlett, Ainsley Scarlett, Amelia Scarlett or if you have any nice suggestions they are welcome!
    Thanks for your opinion

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    I adore Adelaide Scarlett! The other two are pretty as well, but Adelaide sticks out! Congrats, and good luck!

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    hmmm.. I have personally reasons as to why I don't care for Amelia but I think in this case it really does sound nice with Scarlett and it's a great name in general. I really like all of the names actually!

    how exactly do you pronounce Ainsley?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mnmemily15 View Post
    how exactly do you pronounce Ainsley?
    It's pronounced AYNZ-lee.

    I prefer Amelia Scarlett, but I like Emilia Scarlett even more. My second choice would be Ainsley Scarlett. Not a fan of Adelaide at all, sorry. It doesn't sound youthful to me.

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    I love all three, to be honest. If I had to pick, I would go with Adelaide Scarlett. I just think Adelaide is beautiful. Ainsley is nice, but it's kind of cutsie for me, I guess, while Amelia is a little more on the traditional side.
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