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    My not so little fur-baby is Lucius. So to me Lucius will always be a big, fat, furry, spoilt, silver cat!

    Like them both
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    I love Lucius --- but I've never found out how to pronounce it properly...I pronounce it loo-ce-us
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    I like both very much. Lucian is for me very tied to Lucian Freud, one of the finest artists the world has ever seen. Lucius is very ancient Roman to me, I think of Commodus, and I do also think of mr. Malfoy. I always liked him though, maybe because of how dashingly handsome Jason Isaacs is, but he's one of my favourite characters in the books and the movies. I think Lucius is the lighter and more playful name, Lucian's got a certain brooding quality.
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    I prefer Lucian. Lucius is too "hissy" for me.
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