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    I know Ariana & Acacia are hard to find first names for I just don't really want 2 A.K's in the family. - Is there any middle names not beginning with L or A or K. - Not old-fashioned/60's/70's era's. - that would go well with the name. Sophie/Sophia/Olivia/Claire/Sarah/Crystal/Megan/Cody/Jasmine - Are No's No's. Also I'm welsh & my boyfriend is Irish so would be good if that can be incorporated. Also no surnames. Surname begins with K and ends in ER.

    Simone/Carmen/Stephanie/Jennifer - I went to school with girls with these names (I went to a all girls scho so that's out of the question.
    Beatrix/Florence/Mabel/Violet - These to me are old-fashioned.
    Camille- I quite like this one actually. Just concerned about C.A.K being initials.
    Colette/Hazel/Heather/Jacqueline/Marlowe/Marlen/Marcel - I don't like this name slightly 70's/80's to me.
    Genevieve - I love Genevieve but I have trouble spelling this one so I'd be concerned about the child spelling it properly.
    Gwenyth - I like this name because it's welsh. - Just concerned about maybe being slightly dated.
    Leonie - I quite like this one actually. - Would L.A.K be OK as the initials though.
    Michelle - I like this but my boyfriend's best mate is called this and I'd consider it to be a bit 80's to me.
    Madeline - I like this but i'd personally Spell it Madelyn.
    Melody/Catherine - I like this but I have friends named these names.
    Cleo - Cleo to me is just Chloe without the H so I don't like it.
    Chantel - I kinda like this but I don't in a way.
    Chanelle/Shontelle - I like these names but as above conserned about C.A.K being initials.
    Crystal/Jasmine - I like these name but my boyfriend doesn't like people with this name.
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