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    Oh wow that's a list!

    My favorites:
    Acacia- To me Acacia needs something more exotic next to it than Jane and Acacia Leigh sounds like Occasionally. It's hard to find middle names that flow well with Acacia! All I could think of was Acacia Monique.

    Cadence- I think of Cadence being a modern, fun and edgy unisex name that could be paired well with femininity. Cadence Amity and
    Cadence Layla come to mind.

    Ariana- I've always liked this name, maybe it's because I think Ari is such a cute nickname. I prefer Ariana Mai over Ariana Rose (heard a million times as a middle name). Personally, I think Ariana would sound both gorgeous and exotic with a french middle name like Ariana Gisele.

    Savannah- Not a fan of Evelyn. Maybe Savannah Felice?

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