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    Updated girls names list

    What do you think of these Girls Names - Some I have Middle names for but I would like advice on them all and Middle Name help if possible. Sorry it's a long list.

    Jocelyn - I like Emily-Rose (Just conserned at J.E.R.K being initals).
    MecKynzee/MacKynzie - I like MacKynzie Skye or MacKynzie Brooke.
    Lucinda - I like Lucinda Anne or Lucinda Jayne.
    Courtney - I like Courtney Rose.
    Kianna - I like Kianna Jade.
    Angharad - Angharad Rosalie/Rosalind or Rosalie Angharad or Angharad Mai. - Also like as a Middle Name.
    Rosalie - Rosalie Angharad or Rosalie Scarlett Mae or Rosalie Michelle.
    Cheyenne/Shyanne - I like Shyanne Kadi or Kadi Shyanne or Shyanne Rose.
    Kadi - I like Kadi Shyanne or Kadi Jade or Kadi Leanne.
    Azalie/Azaleah - Azalie Bailey. - Also like as a middle name.
    Acacia - Acacia Jane or Acacia Leigh. - Also like as a middle name.
    Thalia - Thalia Niamh or Thalia Louise.
    Gabriella - Gabriella Lucinda.
    Lorelai (Laura-Lie) - Lorelai Piper or Lorelai Rose.
    Cerys - Cerys Anna or Cerys Daisy/Daisey or Cerys Rose.
    Kadence/Cadence - Cadence Edna May or Cadence Edna Rose or Cadence Rose.
    Felicity - Felicity Joanne or Felicity Jayne or Felicity Maria or Felicity Pearl or Felicity Anne.
    Irelyn - I like Irelyn Hollie.
    Liyah/Leah - Liyah Rose or Liyah Anne or Liyah May or Liyah Joanne. Khady/Kadi/Kadie (Conserned about Die). - Kadi Shyanne or Kadi Jade or Kadi Rose.
    Deanna - Deanna Emily Jayne or Deanna Summer Marie or Deanna Angel Lynn.
    Arianna - Arianna Mai or Arianna Rose. - Also like as a middle name.
    Lainey - Lainey Rae or Lainey Rose.
    Lindsey/Lyndsey - Lyndsey Emma Rose.
    Roxanne - Roxanne Jocelyn Marie.
    Acelinn/Acelynn - I like Acelynn May. I also like as a Middle Name.
    Whitney - Whitney Chanelle or Whitney Rose or Whitney Louise.
    Arabella - Prefer as a Middle Name.
    Eveleigh - I like Eveleigh Minnie or Eveleigh Dorothy or Eveleigh Rose. Alexis/Alexia - Prefer as a middle name.
    Aaliyah - Prefer as a Middle Name.
    Savannah - Evelyn Savannah or Savannah Evelyn. - Personally I like Evelyn Savannah.
    Evelyn - Evelyn Savannah
    Chelsey - Chelsey Leigh or Chelsey Marie or Chelsey Dannielle or Chelsey Rose or Chelsey Lianne.

    We don't mind K.R.K or K.K.K. being the initals but we dont like A.A.K or S.S.K. Also No A.L or I.L or K.M names please.
    Surname beings with K and has ER on the end. Sibling Amy-Louise.

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