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    What do you think of Adalyn Makenzie?

    What do you think of this name for our little girl? Our last name starts with a "M" and is very common.

    Brothers are Easton and Rowdy

    If you have a suggestion that is along the same lines please feel free to leave it.

    My hubby loves the name Kenzie and I loved Adalyn so this was my compromise.

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    I think it's a very contemporary choice and fits nicely with your sons names. Adalyn is a little trendy and popular but also feels like a vintage classic - Ada and Addy are lovely, too.

    I prefer the Adeline spelling, personally (looks cleaner), but Adalyn is not horrible.
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    Definitely not my cup of tea. That being said it flows well and the combo is very modern and will fit in well.
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    I like it but I much prefer the Mackenzie spelling.
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    I like Adalyn a lot although I prefer the Adeline spelling. Makenzie is not really my thing but I like that you both incorporated your likes in the name.
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