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    Lethbridge, Alberta
    Your Name: Charlotte Ophelia Brooks
    His Name: Thomas Benedict Brooks

    16 children

    We have 20 year old twin girls named Kaylee Lark and Elle Magnolia. Kaylee kind buy shy and she enjoys shopping. She works at the car wash and is currently majoring in library science. Elle is honest, although she can be quite rude sometimes. Her hobby is dancing, she works at the local amusement park, and she is majoring in marketing.

    Our 19 year old son’s name is Graham Elias, he’s very charismatic but he does love to gossip. He’s a big reader who works as a cashier and is majoring in nursing.

    We have eighteen year old twin boys named Arthur Valentino and Vincent Artemus. Arthur is brave but careless, he is interested in music, and works as a bagger down at the grocery store. His brother Vincent is sweet but naive. He’s got a job at a movie theater, which is great for him considering that he is so interested in movies.

    Our 17 year old daughter’s name is Aurora Irene. She is enthusiastic but can be very loud at times, and her interests are in animation - she hopes to work for Pixar sometime in the future. Her job now is as a tutor.

    Our 14 year old daughter’s name is Rose Blythe, and she is very protective of her younger siblings, friends, and family. She doesn’t have a job because she has decided to focus her energies on her painting.

    Our 13 year old daughter’s names is Elizabeth Nova. She’s very talented in many areas, but unfortunately she is quite haughty about it at times. She has a great love of music, and is working a paper route to help raise money for a special school.

    We have 11 year old twins named Atticus Jack and Shiloh Madison. Atticus has always been honest, but is very picky, which often makes things difficult. He loves scouting and his play kitchen where he can cook up the dead rats he finds in the woods... Shiloh is a bit more subdued, although many view her as ‘quirky’. Her interest is mathematics, and she loves going for bike rides.

    Our nine year old son’s name is Silas Caspar. He’s very friendly with people but at home and at school he’s incredibly disorganized. He does love to play team sports, though, and he also loves playing with his toy saxophone.

    We have seven year old twins boys named Ash Balthasar and Magnus Walt. Ash is charismatic even for his age, but he’s also rather selfish. Lately he’s been talking about hang gliding a lot, and wants to try it as soon as possible. His favorite toy is a nerf gun. Magnus is very smart for his age, but he tends to be afraid of everything. He’s already interested in science, and has been doing experiments on his favorite stuffed bear.

    Our six year old son’s name is Zero Aaron, and he’s a very generous boy even though he’s got a terrible memory. His favorite part of the week is when we go shopping, and at home he is always coloring with his new pack of crayons.

    Our five year old daughter’s name is Gemma Isolde. She’s a very funny girl but she has a tendency to lie to mummy and daddy. Already she enjoys the simple math problems they do in school, and her favorite toy is the custom built doll house we got her for her birthday last year.

    Our youngest child is three years old, and his name is Benedict Finian. He’s very organized for his age, but is constantly in a grumpy mood that only his yoyo can cure. Whenever we go for walks around the block he picks up some more stones he can add to his extensive rock collection.

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    LN: Delaney
    DD: Luciana Hero, 20 – charismatic but gossipy – loves collecting - house sitter – majoring in general business
    DS: Mateo Finian, 19 – smart but lazy – loves movies – works at a fast food shop – majoring in political science
    DS: Asher Henry, 18 – smart but fearful – loves acting – does a paper route – majoring in psychology
    DD: Isadora Dahlia, 15 – sweet but naïve – loves reading - works as a cashier
    DD: Sasha Kate, 15 – charismatic but gossipy – loves writing – works at a car wash
    DS: Fox Arthur, 15 – kind but shy – loves hang gliding – works as a tutor
    DD: Emma Louisa, 14 – quirky – loves science – has no job
    DD: Luna Andromeda, 13 – enthusiastic but loud – loves music – teaches as a music tutor
    DD: Katerina Blythe, 12 – quirky – loves computers and electronics – loves her bike
    DS: Etienne Olivier, 11 – organised but grumpy – loves science – loves puzzle books
    DD: Aria Juniper, 7 – hard working but overly serious – loves dancing – loves puzzles
    DD: Pearl Esmeralda, 7 – enthusiastic but loud – loves reading – loves her stuffed animal
    DD: Adela Charlotte, 4 – happy but unfocused – loves maths – loves her scooter
    DS: Zephyr Zola, 4 – kind but shy – loves scouting – loves his action figures
    DS: Inigo Leonardo, 1 – honest but rude – loves board games – loves his play kitchen
    DS: Felix Cosmo, 1 – quirky – loves writing – loves play-doh


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    My name: Elodie Katherine Sullivan
    His name: Jonah Lewis Sullivan

    15 children

    Talitha Libra (20)
    -Honest but picky
    -Loves rock climbing
    -Works as a dog walker
    -Majoring in biology

    Raphael Moore & Coralie Pearl (19)
    -Enthusiastic but loud / Quirky
    -Loves team sports / Loves writing
    -Works as an assistant soccer coach / Babysits
    -Majoring in physics / Majoring in accounting

    Casper Nicholas (17)
    -Honest but picky
    -Loves astronomy
    -Works as a lifeguard

    Aria Celeste (15)
    -Brave but careless
    -Loves painting
    -Works as a cashier

    Gabriel Finn & Cordelia Beatrice (14)
    -Friendly but disorganized / Quirky
    -Loves history / Loves reading
    -Works as a lifeguard / Works as a lifeguard

    Jasper Cole & Ruby Gemma (13)
    -Smart but lazy / Sweet but naive
    -Loves dance / Loves history
    -Mows lawns / Works as a house sitter

    Harmony Lark (10)
    -Organized but grumpy
    -Loves history
    -Loves her yo-yo

    Mathis Luc (8)
    -Honest but picky
    -Loves collecting
    -Loves nerf guns

    Leia River & Lucy Hazel (6)
    -Organized but grumpy / Honest but rude
    -Loves scouting / Loves collecting
    -Loves her doll house / Loves Legos

    Ash Cormac (2)
    -Loves math
    -Loves puzzles

    Honora Fleur (1)
    -Talented but haughty
    -Loves rock climbing
    -Loves action figures

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    The Kiernan Family

    DH: Nathaniel Elijah
    DW: Sarah Rose

    DD/DS: 19
    Abigail Madison & Luc Olivier

    DS: 18
    Noah Saul

    DD/DS: 16
    Coralie Jade & Brady Gray

    DS/DS: 15
    Zachariah Zane & Kiah Dell

    DD: 14
    Lexi Sloane

    DD: 13
    Calliope Marin

    DS: 10
    Finian Harley

    DS/DS/DD: 9
    Augustus Byron, Channing Phelan, & Aurora Venus

    DD/DS/DS: 5
    Kate Snow, Cal Mack, & Chas Odie

    DD/DS: 4
    Cassiopeia Bellatrix & Leevi Hannu

    ABIGAIL (Abby)
    Hardworking but overly serious
    House sitter
    Engineering major

    Happy but unfocused
    Rock climbing
    Stuffed animal
    Dog walker
    Nursing major

    Brave but careless
    Board games
    Wiffle ball
    No job
    Education major

    CORALIE (Cora)
    Smart but fearful
    Dog walker

    Happy but unfocused
    Play Doh

    ZACHARIAH (Zach)
    Sweet but naive
    Play Doh

    Enthusiastic but loud
    Board games

    Friendly but disorganized

    CALLIOPE (Callie)
    Funny but dishonest

    Brave but careless
    Chemistry set

    AUGUSTUS (Gus)
    Brave but careless

    Kind but shy
    Rock climbing

    AURORA (Rory)
    Kind but shy
    Play Doh

    Happy but unfocused
    Sports ball

    Wiffle ball

    Organized but grumpy
    Board games
    Wiffle ball

    Talented but haughty
    Toy car/truck

    Generous but forgetful
    Anastasia Danielle * Kate Madeleine * Cassia Violet * Maison Sofia

    Elias James * Isaac Greyson * Noah Everett * Caelan William

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    DW: Eleanor Sage
    DH: Augustus James

    LN: Bale

    # of kids: 16

    DS: Christian Tobias, 20, Hardworking but overly serious, big movie buff, no job yet, majoring in library science.
    DS: Harry Jude, 17, Honest but picky, loves to sing, is a tutor.
    DS: Barrett Callum, 16, Enthusiastic but loud, loves hang gliding, no job yet.
    DD: Caroline Margaret, 15, Charismatic but gossipy, movie buff like Christian, works in a fast food restaurant.
    DD: Cordelia Hermione, 14, Honest but picky like Harry, loves to dance, mows lawns.
    DD: Phoebe Maeve, 14, Sweet but naive, loves reading, no job yet.
    DS: Ezra Levi, 13, Honest but rude, loves team sports - especially lacrosse, works a paper route.
    DD: Gemma Brisa, 11, Honest but rude like Ezra, movie buff like Christian and Caroline, is an avid yo - yo trick artist.
    DD: Saoirse Niamh, 9, Organized but grumpy, great rock climber, still loves her play kitchen.
    DS: Joseph Noel, 9, Honest but picky like Harry and Cordelia, gifted mathmetician, good with puzzles.
    DS: Aaron Gray, 8, Generous but forgetful, history buff, loves his NERF gun.
    DD: Charlotte Sophia, 7, Honest but picky like Harry, Cordelia, and Joseph, great artist - especially painting, loves her mini grand piano.
    DD: Opal Amethyst, 6, Honest but picky like Harry, cordelia, Joseph, and Charlotte, loves reading, loves her lacrosse ball and stick - plays with Ezra.
    DD: Isobel Hope, 4, Protective of her siblings, already loves shopping, loves riding her bike - she can almost do it without training wheels.
    DD: Roisin Brigid, 1, (will be) Hardworking but overly serious like Christian, (will be) a movie buff, (will love) her doll house.
    DS: Zachary Zephyr, 1, (will be, kinda is now) Enthusiastic but loud like Barrett, (will be) a collector of action figures, (will love) his action figures.

    Auggie & Nell,
    Cora & Pheebs
    Say & Joe
    Ro & Zach
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    Annabel, August, Calvin, Christopher, Dante, Eden, Hope, Irene, Isobel, James, Moira, Monroe, Rose, Simon, Sullivan, West

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