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    My name: Cynthia Katherine
    His name: Julian Scott
    Surname: Malloy

    12 kids! :O

    Paige Wren: aged 19. She is happy but unfocused, and loves video games. She doesn't yet have a job, but majors in Political Science and hopes to get a job through a college-organised internship.
    Pearl Esmerelda: aged 17. She is honest but picky, and loves board games. She is a cashier at a local supermarket, and majors in Psychology.
    Clover Magnolia: aged 17. She is Pearl's twin. She is brave but careless, likes math, and mows lawns around the neighbourhood. She majors in Accounting.
    Benoit Thierry: aged 16. He is honest but rude, but hides that from his Scout Master. He loves his internship, and he majors in Library Science.
    Audrey Juliet: aged 15. She is smart but lazy, loves painting, and walks dogs. She isn't of college age, but wants to major in Education.
    Mateo Barnaby: aged 13. He is protective and loves math. He doesn't have a job, though he wants one desperately.
    Artemis Irene: aged 12. She is organized but grumpy and loves painting, though her favourite toy is her Nerf gun.
    Nicholas Casper: aged 12. He is Artemis' twin. He is smart but fearful of how others will treat him if they found out he loves to dance. He has a paper route.
    Topaz Jade: aged 8. She is generous but forgetful, loves computers, and is always sat with her action figure.
    Margaret Edith: aged 6. She is talented but haughty, with a love of science and her favourite toy, her play-doh.
    Jeremiah Byron: aged 6. He is Margaret's twin. He is friendly but disorganised, is fascinated by history, and loves his soccer ball.
    Tobias Caleb: aged 2. He is generous (loves to share his toys) but forgetful, and loves watching movies with his Daddy and his toy doll.

    Julian & Cynthia Malloy, with: Paige, Pearl, Clo, Ben, Aud, Mattie, Art, Nick, TJ, Peggy, Jem & Toby.
    Just a 16 year old girl obsessed with names and naming things not yet here.

    Alice Jayne | Azalea Juliet | Charlotte Ophelia
    Elizabeth Blythe | Poppy Artemis

    Archer William | Henry Tobias | Leo Alexander
    Rowan Elijah | Theodore Michael

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    DW: Molly Josephine McCallum
    DH: Julian David McCallum

    Ruby Scarlett McCallum (19)
    Confident but Bossy
    Likes Acting
    Works as a Life guard
    Major: Business Managment

    Luna Star McCallum (19)
    Smart but Fearful
    Likes Volleyball
    Works as a babysitter
    Majoring in Engineering

    Anna Sophia McCallum (18)
    Honest but Picky
    Likes Collecting Jewelry
    Works as a bagger at the local supermarket
    Majoring in Nursing

    Damian Gray McCallum (17)
    Happy but Unfocused
    Likes Acting
    Works as a tutor

    Lorelei Tara McCallum (15)
    Likes Acting
    Works at a Movie Theatre

    Finn Elias McCallum (13)
    Charismatic but Selfish
    Likes Video Games
    Works as a Dog Walker

    Honor Grace McCallum (5)
    Kind but Shy
    Likes Climbing things
    Likes playing with a toy keyboard

    Dahlia Pearl McCallum (4)
    Charismatic but Selfish
    Likes to Read
    Favorite Toy: Scooter

    Jude Aaron McCallum (3)
    Kind but Shy
    Like to Climb
    Favorite Toy: Iron Man Action Figure

    Camilla Maeve McCallum (3)
    Friendly but Disorganized
    Will like Math
    Favorite Toy: Toy Kitchen

    Eliza Caroline McCallum (2)
    Sweet but Naive
    Loves Movies
    Favorite toy: Toy Car

    Georgiana Mary McCallum (2)
    Smart but Lazy
    Likes to Dance
    Favorite Toy: Blocks
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Your name: Carly
    His Name: Cal

    We have 5 kiddos.

    Ollie Cal. Age 14. Brave but Careless, Ollie loves video games and has always taken a keen interest to cars and trucks. Wants to major in English when older and during his high school years is a cashier.

    Levi Quincy. Age 10. Hardworking but overly serious, Levi loves rock climbing and biking. He wants to major in marketing when older and during his high school years is a House sitter for a number of residents in the neighborhood.

    Lucas Tobias. Age 8. Talented but haughty, Luke loves math and his chemistry set. He wants to major in Education when older and during his high school years is a Dog Walker for families in the district.

    Beatrice Sarah. Age 3. Kind but shy, Bea loves dance and playing with nerf guns. Wants to major in nursing when older and during her high school years has a job doing a paper route in our neighborhood.

    Elliot Marie. Age 6 months. Very protective. Elle loves writing and puzzles. Wants to major in Librarien Study when older and during her high school years has a job babysitting.

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    LN: Tyler

    DW: Eliza Kate
    DH: Alphonse Benjamin

    DD/DD/DS (20): Kate Gemma, Grace Martha & Zeb Arthur
    DS/DS (19): Oscar Leonard & Frederick Ezra
    DS/DS/DD (17): Lionel Leevi, John Gideon & Abilene Italia
    DS/DS (16): Malcolm Ned & Vincent Gus
    DS (13): Hermes Wolf
    DS (12): Ambrose Walt
    DD (11): Seraphine Matilda
    DS/DS (8): Ralph Tobias & Forrest Paul
    DS/DD/DS/DS/DD (1): Rupert Harry, Maeve Libby, Cormac Thor, Finn Dante & Pippa Rosalind

    Kate: Brave but careless, likes reading, favorite toy was a dollhouse, unemployed, majoring in Education

    Grace: Organized but grumpy, likes painting, favorite toy was a doll, works at an amusement park, majoring in Biology

    Zeb: Kind but shy, plays team sports, favorite toy was a dollhouse, works at a car wash, majoring in Marketing

    Oscar: Happy but unfocused, likes reading, favorite toy was a scooter, has an internship, majoring in Astronomy

    Frederick: Brave but careless, likes math, favorite toy was his blocks, works in fast food, majoring in Education

    Lionel: Talented but haughty, likes painting, favorite toy was a play kitchen, has an internship, majoring in Biology

    John: Smart but lazy, likes shopping, favorite toy was a doll, works at a car wash, not in college

    Abilene: Funny but dishonest, likes rock climbing, favorite toy was a scooter, is a dog walker, majoring in Marketing

    Malcolm: Honest but picky, likes shopping, favorite toy was crayons, works in fast food, wants to major in Marketing

    Vincent: Generous but forgetful, likes computers, favorite toy was puzzles, works as a dog walker, wants to major in Library Science

    Hermes: Quirky, likes math, favorite toy was blocks, works at the movie theater
    Ambrose: Enthusiastic but loud, likes team sports, favorite toy was a dollhouse, has a paper route

    Seraphine: Brave but careless, likes video games, favorite toy is a puzzle

    Ralph: Sweet but naïve, likes rock climbing, favorite toy is crayons

    Forrest: Quirky, likes dancing, favorite toy is a doll

    Rupert: Protective, likes collecting, favorite toy is a car

    Maeve: Generous but forgetful, likes music, favorite toy is Play-Doh

    Cormac: Smart but fearful, likes movies, favorite toy is a stuffed animal

    Finn: Generous but forgetful, likes painting, favorite toy is an action figure

    Pippa: Brave but careless, likes collecting, favorite toy is a play kitchen

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    DW: Audrey Christiana
    DH: John Humphrey

    LN: Archer

    Pippa Agatha Archer, 20, happy but unfocused, interested in writing, works as a tutor, English major
    JohnJackHenry Archer, 19, charismatic, interested in rock climbing, mows lawns, Accounting major
    Luke William Archer, 17, brave but careless, interested in team sports, has a paper route, wants to be an astronomy major
    Max Christian Archer (identical twin of Miles), 16, charismatic, interested in team sports, works at the movie theater, wants to be a criminal justice major
    Miles Calvin Archer (identical twin of Max), 16, smart, interested in video games, works at a coffee shop, wants to be a physics major
    India Avalon Archer, 14, friendly but disorganized, interested in painting, works as a camp counselor at a summer day camp
    Silas Byron Archer, 13, quirky, interested in music
    Elle Audrina Archer, 12, hardworking but overly serious, interested in math
    Daisy Addie Archer, 9, generous, interested in reading,
    Fife Allegra Archer, 7, funny, interested in collecting, likes puzzles
    Gus Wesley Archer, 5, funny, interested in movies, likes nerf guns
    Theo Nathaniel Archer, 2, sweet, likes yo-yos
    Cullen Atticus Jude (twin of Clea), 1, protective
    Clea Arabella Archer (twin of Cullen), 1, happy

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