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    LN: Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster (nee Cooper)
    DH: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster

    DS: Leonardo "Leo" Judd Foster [20; Kira's twin]
    DD: Kira Joelle Foster [20; Leo's twin]
    DS: Leevi Aaron Foster [19]
    DD: Viola Bell Foster [18]
    DS: Maxwell Ray Foster [17]
    DS: Adam Radley Foster [13; Wyatt's twin]
    DS: Wyatt Cole Foster [13; Adam's twin]
    DS: Ryder Jackson Foster [11]
    DD: Ireland Odessa Foster [9]
    DS: Dexter "Dex" James Foster [8]
    DD: Juliet Rosaline Foster [7]
    DS: Ash Wolf Foster [5]
    DD: Tess Mae Foster [3; Scarlett's twin]
    DD: Scarlett Rose Foster [3; Tess' twin]
    DD: Daisy Kate Foster [2; Sebastian's twin]
    DS: Sebastian Miles Foster [2; Daisy's twin]

    Leo is kind but shy. He likes collecting, hats to be specific. He works at a coffee shop while majoring in computer science.
    Kira is quirky. She likes rock climbing. She is working as a lifeguard while majoring in criminal justice.
    Leevi is hardworking but overly serious. He likes hang gliding. He is working as a lifeguard with his sister while he is majoring in political science.
    Viola is protective. She likes rock climbing, her and Kira often do it together. She works as a bagger while majoring in film studies.
    Maxwell is charismatic but a little selfish. He likes collecting too, only he collects mugs. He works at a fast food restaurant and plans to major in engineering when he starts college.
    Adam is also hardworking but overly serious. He likes board games, especially Clue. He just started working the neighborhood paper route.
    Wyatt is sweet but can be a bit naive. He likes history. He also just recently got a neighborhood job, walking the dogs.
    Ryder is honest but comes off a little rude sometimes. He likes music and his nerf gun is his favorite toy.
    Ireland is smart but fearful. She liles science and riding her bike.
    Dex is friendly but disorganized. He likes rock climbing with Kira and Viola and riding his bike with Ireland.
    Juliet is organized but grumpy. She likes reading and putting puzzles together.
    Ash is smart but lazy. He likes math and playing with his favorite toy car.
    Tess is smart but fearful. She likes watching movies and doing puzzles with Juliet.
    Scarlett is quirky. She likes shopping, even if it's just pretend, and coloring with her crayons.
    Daisy is enthusiastic but loud. She likes dancing and playing with her baby doll.
    Sebastian is smart but lazy. He likes dancing with his twin sister Daisy and coloring with crayons with Scarlett.

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    Your Name: Danique Elodie
    His Name: Alfred Bernard

    Last Name: Keaton
    Kids: 15

    Balthazar Joseph (6): Enthusiastic but loud. Interested in dancing. His favourite toy his is Toy Story action figure
    Gideon Judah (7): Organised but grumpy. Does Taekwondo, loves his basketball.
    Linden Cormac (14): Quirky. Interested in science, does dog walking.
    Ezekiel Tobias (10): Organised but grumpy. Collects old telephones. His favourite toy is his stuffed tiger.
    Theo Hank (18): Charismatic but gossipy. Interested in science. Works at McDonald and is majoring in English.
    Zane Zebedee (9): Funny but dishonest. Interested in scouting and his favourite toy is a chemistry set.

    Eleanor Martha (8): Happy but unfocussed. Loves reading and playing with her softball.
    Gemma Pearl (3): Funny but dishonest. Loves painting and her favourite toy is her scooter.
    Abigail Betsy (8): Brave but careless. Collects cats and her favourite toy is her scooter.
    Harmony Bliss (16): Generous but forgetful. Interested in maths, works as a babysitter.
    Sorrel Alhambra (5): Enthusiastic but loud. Interested in music, favourite toy is her bike.
    Primrose Rain (16): Funny but dishonest. Does Taekwondo and does babysitting.
    Flannery Scarlett (5): Brave but careless. Interested in acting and her favourite toy is a play kitchen..
    Charmian Tamora (14): Charismatic but selfish: Does hang-gliding and works as a babysitter.
    Ember Cadence (10): Honest but rude. Interested in dance and her favourite toy is a nerf gun.
    22. One Direction. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Supernatural. Name lover.

    Young Ladies (Not all): Adelisa, Oriana, Clover, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Genevieve, Jemima, Edith, Adelaide, Eleanor, Ottilie, Henrietta, River, Clara, Francesca

    Young Sirs (Not all): Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn, Sherlock, Castiel, George

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    Your Name: Pearl Antoinette
    His Name: Desmond Eames

    Last Name: Tully

    1. Gemma Pearl, 20, talented but haughty, hobby: painting, job: internship, college: library science
    2. Jane Augusta, 18, quirky, hobby: math, job: cashier, college: physics
    3. Rose Flannery, 16, happy but unfocused, hobby: music, job: coffee shop
    4. Ralph Clarence, 16, enthusiastic but loud, hobby: rock climbing, job: life guard
    5. Kingsley Paul, 15, smart but fearful, hobby: movies, job: camp counselor
    6. Flora Willow, 14, talented but haughty, hobby: computers, job: tutor
    7. Freya Juno, 12, hardworking but overly serious, hobby: history, toy: chemistry set,
    8. Althea Hero, 11, honest but picky, hobby: video games, toy: action figure,
    9. Viola Margery, 11, quirky, hobby: scouting, toy: ball,
    10. Byron Ambrose, 8, honest but rude, hobby: reading, toy: play-doh
    11. Nova Alcyone, 6, brave but careless, hobby: board games, toy: scooter
    12. Maisie Amoret, 4, charismatic but selfish, hobby: collecting, toy: yo-yo
    13. Arly Juniper, 3, funny but dishonest, hobby: music, toy: toy instrument
    14. Emer Bidelia, 3, friendly but disorganized, hobby: dance, toy: toy truck
    15. Cleo Daisy, 1, smart but fearful, hobby: painting, toy: stuffed animal

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    LN: Porter

    DH: Tyler Allen
    DW: Savannah Amy

    DS: Forrest Noah {17}
    Likes basketball
    Internship at Polo Ralph Lauren
    DS/DS: Silas Kenneth {15}
    Likes Hand Gliding
    Sebastian Ralph {15}
    Likes soccer and basketball
    Works at Six Flags
    DS: Zachariah Jett {14}
    Likes music
    Works at Starbucks
    DS/DD: Jeremiah Paul {13}
    Likes Rock Climbing
    Primrose Morgan {13}
    Likes to write
    English Tutor
    DD: Juliet Bria {12}
    Likes painting
    Favorite toy is the wiffle ball set
    DD: Aspen Evangeline {11}
    Likes painting
    Favorite toys are puzzles
    DD: Brooklyn Ruby {9}
    Likes dance
    Favorite toy is her stuffed bunny
    DD/DD: Mira Scarlett {8}
    Likes to Act
    Favorite toy is her soccer ball
    Aurora Poppy {8}
    Likes Board Games
    Favorite toy is her bike
    DD/DS: Cadence Libby {7}
    Likes Acting
    Favorite toy is a play kitchen
    Carter Sven {7}
    Collects money from around the world
    Favorite toy is a football
    DS: Jude Keenan {6}
    Likes History
    Favorite toy is his bike
    DS/DS/DD: Chase Austin {4}
    Likes Soccer
    Favorite Toy is a scooter
    Channing Brady {4}
    Likes to read
    Favority toy is a play car
    Charlotte Claire {4}
    Likes painting
    Favorite toy is a play kitchen
    DS/DS: Hudson Abel {3}
    Likes Rock Climbing,
    Favorite toy is a scooter,
    Micah Asher {3}
    Likes Football
    Favorite toy is legos
    DS: Leonardo Jackson "Leo" {2}
    Likes history
    Favorite toy is a play piano

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    Your Name: Alice Josefine Fitzgerald
    His Name: James Michael Fitzgerald

    DS/DD: Zion Apollo Fitzgerald and Hero Mirabelle Fitzgerald (19)
    -Personalities: Honest but rude / Smart but fearful
    -Hobbies: Team sports / Writing
    -Jobs: Lifeguard / Tutor
    -College Majors: Physics / Psychology

    DD: Winter Tallulah Fitzgerald (17)
    -Personality: Kind but shy
    -Hobby: Music
    -Job: Movie Theater

    DD: Bliss Valentine Fitzgerald (15)
    -Personality: Enthusiastic but loud
    -Hobby: Acting
    -Job: Babysitting

    DD: Opal Beatrix Fitzgerald (13)
    -Personality: Protective
    -Hobby: Maths
    -Job: Dog walker

    DS: August Brave Fitzgerald (10)
    -Personality: Smart but lazy
    -Hobby: Science
    -Favorite Toy: Yo-Yo

    DD: Lux Indigo Fitzgerald (9)
    -Personality: Charismatic but selfish
    -Hobby: Painting
    -Favorite Toy: Crayons

    DD: True Luella Fitzgerald (7)
    -Personality: Kind but shy
    -Hobby: Dance
    -Favorite Toy: Doll house

    DD/DS/DS: Nova Delphine Fitzgerald, Joah Caspian Fitzgerald and Cosmo Sebastian Fitzgerald (4)
    -Personalities: Friendly but disorganized / Brave but careless / Funny but dishonest
    -Hobbies: Dance / Team sports / Movies
    -Favorite Toys: Play kitchen / Bike / Action figure

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