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    My little sister was transverse and my mum tried all the stretches and positions and also applying an ice pack around the baby's head area to encourage her to move, nothing worked so she was given the option of ECV or C-section. As she's had three easy natural births in the past she wanted to avoid a c-section. My mum said the ECV was one of the most painful things she's had (she could barely walk for days) and it was unsuccessful after numerous attempts, they said this was probably because baby's bum was engaged and that there was no chance baby was going to turn now so c-section was the only option. She felt that going straight for a c-section in the first place would have been less traumatic. She was booked in for a c-section at about 39 weeks but arrived in the morning to find baby had turned herself (after the doctor had told her it was impossible) and went on to have her naturally at 40+3 weeks.

    This is just my knowledge of it and I know ECV does work for some people.

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    Thanks everyone, for the info!

    Today at the sonogram the baby was head down! Hopefully he or she will stay put. I'm quite relieved, even though I know a breech baby isn't a huge deal, I'd still much rather not have to make those decisions.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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