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    Pax and Wilder: Asking for Trouble?

    I hate questions like this where I want the answer to go one way, but am afraid everyone will agree the other, haha... But here goes.

    I love Pax. I love Wilder. The former is a family name (my father's name) and has always and will forever be #1 on the list. Just Pax; never Paxton. And Wilder is dear to me for all the writers it's tied to, word-name-iness, and its rough-and-tumble pioneer sound.

    I don't want to point out why they maybe shouldn't be used for brothers in case I sway people who wouldn't see it otherwise, haha, but I imagine most Berries will see it immediately. So... would it be ridiculous and tempting fate somehow to have a Pax and a Wilder in the same family?

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