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    My tastes in names are a little "out there" compared to most people so I like most of them! I don't know how usable some of these are in real life though. (I'd probably use most of them, especially in the middle.)

    My Favorites:

    Midnight - Really cool name; I love the nighttime!
    September - One of the more "out there" month names but I love it! It makes it even more special if the person was born in September(I was!).
    Snow - Love it!!! It's one of the more usable names on the list.
    Thorfinna - Very interesting! I've never heard it before. How is this pronounced? "thor-FIN-ah" or "thor-FEE-nah"?
    Eternity - Such a mystical and meaningful name! Beautiful!
    Winter - One of my favorites! Like Snow it's one of the more usable names on the list.
    Primrose - I love it! This name feels nature-y, magical, whimsical, and enchanting to me. People might think "The Hunger Games" though.


    I like both Amabel and Acacia! They're both very pretty and usable.

    I don't care for Belladonna or Remember too much. They're okay.

    Don't like Bellamy or Coraline.
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