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    Pretty names!

    1. Susanna - Sounds so bright and carefree to me, love this one!
    2. Fiona - A very close second, feminine but not too frilly.
    3. Ivy - Like this, but don't love it... Has a very vintage, spunky feel to it.
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    *Ivy- 8. I think it's cute and simple, and I love nature names
    *Fiona- 8. Some people might be bothered that its too connected with Shrek, but I just love this name.
    *Susanna- 2. This is totally just my opinion (don't mean to offend!) but I think it sounds really prissy. I really just don't like the 'Susan' part, because that name is just so dated in my opinion, and not in the good vintage way.

    Really love Ivy and Fiona

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    1. Susanna- It is a beautiful, underused name that a child can grow into. Susie is an adorable nickname too.
    2. Fiona- Also beautiful, but it is more of a guilty pleasure name to me. Fee is a cute nickname though.
    3. Ivy- This name just isn't really my style.

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    1) Ivy - My favorite, a lovely, old-fashioned name with spunk! What more could you want.
    2) Susanna - I like it without the ending "h", underused, elegant and has tons of cute nns yet can grow up nicely.
    3) Fiona - like it but if you are in US - too much Shrek!

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