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    Susanna- love this name. It reminds me of a little girl swinging on a swing. It feels like a whisper.
    Fiona- fun and spunky
    Ivy- I think itchy plant or climbing plant all over everything. Not my favorite.
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    Ivy - so cute and on target for style
    Fiona - I can't pinpoint what I dislike about it, but there's something off to me. other than that, it's fresh and pretty
    Susanna - Honestly, I prefer Susan. Susanna sounds southern. And the nn Susy is nothing spectacular.

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    Susanna - I prefer the Susannah spelling, but I love the underused classic. I also love the nickname Sukey. I just feel that this is a hidden gem.

    Ivy - Very cute, and an extremely close second. Sweet and sassy at the same time, yet still a classic nature name.

    Fiona - I really don't like this. Shrek pushes me away from it, but also, I'm not a fan of F names.
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    Susanna - I love this name, plus there are so many nickname options!
    Ivy - I think it's cute, but I have some bad connotations so I would never consider it.
    Fiona - I know a lot of Fionas so I have some connections again which prevent me from loving it, but I definitely see the appeal.

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    Ivy - Absolutely stunning! It's classic, simple, and feminine all at the same time.
    Fiona - I like this name too. When I was a little girl I watched a movie called the Secret of Roan Inish and the little girl's name was Fiona, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful
    Susanna - Pretty and underused, but I definitely prefer the above two more.

    This was hard because all of your names are great!

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