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    Rate these names!!

    Here are three new names I've recently started loving

    Rate them in the order you like and make a comment about each one. I'm curious to hear everyone's opinions!


    Look forward to your responses. Thank you
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    1. Fiona - I love this name. Very feminine and princess-like to me. Fee is a cute nn too
    2. Ivy -Nothing special. Not a bad name, but blends in, imo
    3. Susanna - I actually hate this option, tbh. It's not my style at all, but I'll leave constructive comments to other posters, haha

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    All three of these have been on my list at one time or another.

    1. Ivy -- this is my favorite girls' name ever, but my hubby hates it.
    2. Susanna -- love this name. So classic and underused.
    3. Fiona -- used to love, but Shrek kinda ruined it for me.
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    1) Fiona - such a beautiful name. I really like it.
    2) Ivy - I don't like it that much
    3) Susanna - My least favorite of the bunch. It's boring compared to other names out there.
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    Fiona- Was mt TOP name for a while... it has been demoted to top 10 as I cant find any nn's that I like for it!
    Ivy - very cute but I think beyonce has ruined it for me!
    Susanna- I really like susanna.... the nn's Susy, Sanna and Sunny as too cute!
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