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Thread: Montgomery

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    I actually think it's a great name.
    I prefer it to a lot of the "vintage" names that get thrown around.

    Also, I'd say that Tom/Tommy is definitely a viable nn option.
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    Love, love, love.
    Montgomery was at the very top of my list. I love Montgomery Clift and I love the name. I was going to use it for our son with the nn Murray or Emery until my sister in law stole that for her daughter. Sigh.

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    I think names like Montgomery are on the rise. I say go for it. It is a great name and Monty would be so cute on a little boy!
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    @stephanie413 isn't Monty the cutest nn ever? It makes me smile every time I hear it.

    @uselesskitty that is my husband and I love Montgomery but in a sea of trendy names, how will it sound?

    @flamingo I have never watched an episode of the Simpsons. Is he a prominent character?

    @kala-way, I have never thought of Tom/Tommy as a nn to Montgomery before! I like that there are more nn options than Monty. What do you think about the nn Remy? I think it could work in the same sense that Tommy does.

    @jillianmaye love Montgomery Clift! Montgomery would honor my husband's grandfather so a middle name would get to honor my grandfathers! Both of their middle names are Allen/Alan so I think Montgomery Allan would be a great way to honor all of those men!

    @svea & @ vicioustrollop9 I'm glad you like it! I would agree, names like these are coming back! Makes me excited to have some oldies coming back.
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    I really like it

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