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    Monday morning up at 7am and I cooked my porridge, that is progress. Yesterday I started arm strengthening exercises using a tin of asparagus as the weight, but for the first time I could feel my wound area and it made it hard to use the spirometer and I had trouble reaching my goal of 1500ml. I have been trying hard to 'play' the games you suggested blade as I don't want to get more fluid on the lungs.

    The local GP sent me for a chest xray as a starting point so he could monitor my progress and I had bloods taken too. My stamina is up the spout and I was a wreck after seeing the doctor, the blood people and the xray people all in a few hours.

    I feel tired but hope that will disappear soon. Today I hope to go for a walk in a sheltered place away from the cold southerly winds here.

    blade the local gp gave me anti nausea medicine as he understood how wretched the nausea makes one feel. I am off all narcotic style medication and just have a daily regime of painkillers around the clock to keep me painfree.

    love rollo
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    Hugs and Happy Thoughts Rollo.
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