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    WDYT of these as siblings?

    Eleni & Arlo.

    Arlo is my favorite boys name and Eleni is one of my favourite girls names. Do you think they match as siblings or do they sound a little to similar to you? I keep saying them and thinking they sound alike.

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    I actually think they are both wonderful names and sound fine as siblings! I would only think that I would definitely want to be your friend with kids named like that!

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    I love those names! Never heard of Eleni, but it looks like Elena, so should be easy to pronounce. And Arlo is adorable, Sort of like my favourite name Hugo. And my other favourite name Aria is like Arlo too. Weird. haha
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    I love them together. Beautiful names, beautiful combination.
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    I think these make wonderful siblings. Would love to see more of your favorites.
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