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    too close for twins?

    I'am not pregnant!but I love the sibset Isabella Marie and Annabelle you think it will be too close? The nn will be Bella and Anna. Do you think Isabella and Arabella are too close with the nn Bella and Ari?

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    Yes, I think Isabella and Annabelle are too close for siblings. Sorry! Since you only seem to be using the A from Annabelle to get to Ari, I'd go with a non-"belle" name like Anna, Anneliese, Annora, Anais, etc.

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    sunshine kid Guest
    To put it bluntly, yes. And although they are fine names, they feel too close. Isabella and Annabelle work slightly better than Isabella and Arabella because the sound is slightly more different.

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    I think they are all too close. I particularly find Isabella nn Bella difficult with a sister who has Bell/e/a in her name.
    Isabella and Annabelle (Izzy and Anna) for twins I could get behind.
    It's very matchy and if you really like that it's fine because at least you'd be giving them nn's that are very distinctly their own.
    Personally given the names you chose I'd probably go with Marie Isabel and Annabel Wren. Simplify and switch it up a bit. This way it's more cute matched for twins that matchy-matchy matched.
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    I love Isabella and I haven't found a name to compare with for future twin daughters.
    Do you have any suggestions?

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