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    Rosaline, Rosetta, Rosemary, or anything else Rose-ish would work. If you don't want a Hunger Games association, avoid Primrose. Rosalie is a beautiful name- even as a first name. Try to convince your boyfriend it's worth it! Honestly, it's not like your naming your kid Bella Swan Moonlight or Edward Fang Vamp.
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    I read all of the books, went to release parties for the DVD's, saw all of the movies on the day they came out or at a midnight premier (with the exception of the last two because I had stopped carrying by then), and the female culture of my middle school was ruled by Twilight. There were girls who lost lifelong friends because someone was on team Jacob. I no longer like the series but despite the large role it played, Twilight is one of the last things that come to mind even with Bella, Jacob, and Edward. On a less "ranty" note, I really like all of your combos!

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    I love the name Rosalie. My husband's great-Aunt was Rosalie and it holds special meaning for us. I wouldn't worry about the Twilight connection. Its a beautiful name!

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    It might be strongly associated at the moment, but Twilight's popularity is already on the downhill slide and its pop-cultural relevance will likely be negligible during your child's lifetime. Rosalie is such a lovely, classic name and I wouldn't let a book/movie franchise spoil it.

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    Rosalie makes me think of the character from the TV series Grimm. And she kicks some serious butt! It's spelled Rosalee there, so maybe consider that? I do prefer Rosalie but Rosalee is nice too.

    Twilight will be old news in 5 years. I doubt anyone will say "Oh, like Twilight?" especially if you're using it as a middle.
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