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    Question Is Rosalie too Twilight-y?

    I came across Rosalie while looking through my old lists and feel like I am loving it again. I think it's such a pretty name, but my boyfriend says he won't use the name used in Twilight(oh men).
    For real, I think it's not a first name option for me because of its popularity. But, on the other hand, I think it could work as a middle name perfectly. What do you think? Is it tied to Twilight? (I also love Rosaline(rosa-leen) and Primrose from similar names. Rosamund and Rosalind are also beautiful names but not my favorites.)
    Some combinations I am thinking are Winifred Rosalie Glenn, Albina (al-bee-nuh) Autumn Rosalie and Gwenore Rosalie Kay.

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